Chlosave Electro-Chlorination S Series
Chlosave Electro-Chlorination S Series Chlosave Electro-Chlorination System Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Puchong Service | JL Water Engineering Sdn Bhd
Chlosave Electro S Series System

- 150~10,000 LPS Water Plant (12960 ~ 864000 m3/day)
- 1~50 kg/h Active Chlorine

Safety Hydrogen Exhaust Technology

1. Multi-stage Hydrogen Discharge
Ensure the hydrogen concentration in the equipment room lower than 0.4%, 10 times lower than the hidrogen explosion low limit (4%)

2. H2 Concentration Detector
Real time monitoring the hydrogen concentration, when it reach 1%, the system will be alarmed and stopped running

​3. Air Pressure Detector
Real time detect the air pressure from the blower, ensure that the blower is running normally

4. Explosion-proof Design
The blower and all other electrical components who contact with H2 is explosion-proof design

Benefit of Chlosave Electro-Chlorination System

1. High Safety Level
Food grade standard solution, multi-protection for each components, multi-protection for hydrogen exhaust

2. Low Running Cost
To produce 1kg available chlorine, only cost 3.5kg salt, 4kwh DC power

3. Full Automatic Operation
Full computer program and central control by PLC, the staff can operate after simple training

4. Accuracy Control Dosing
Closed loop control system, ensure accuracy residual chlorine in water and make use of every drop of solution

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