Tube Settler Type Tubedek
Tube Settler Type Tubedek Tube Settler Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Puchong Service | JL Water Engineering Sdn Bhd
1.TUBEdek fitted into an existing circular clarifier, enhances the capacity of circular clarifier.
2. In a new clarifier design, the use of TUBEdek can reduce the cross-sectional area of the tank substantially, hence reducing civil costs and minimizing space requirements, while still maintaining a high quality of effluent.
3. The simple hexagonal-chevron configuration is a proven superior design in settling applications.
4. The controlled flow pattern in TUBEdek provides the best settling conditions. This also dampens the eddy currents and turbulences.
5.TUBEdek pack  allows ease of periodic maintenance.
6. Installation is fast and easy. The tubes are supplied as profiles in nested form, to save on transportation cost. These are easily installed at site with the tongue and groove arrangement which is an integral part of the package.
7. TUBEdek profiles can be assembled to fit into any size or shape of settling tanks, whether square, rectangular or circular, without any difficulty.

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