ProCellTank and Hopper Weighing Assembly
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ProCell®Tank and Hopper Weighing Assembly  
Vessel Type: Leg, gusset or saddle supported vessels
Capacity: 1,000 to 10,000 gallons (4000 to 40,000 Liters)
Typical Applications: Leg Mounted Chemical Tanks • Lime or Carbon Silos • Super Sack Dry Polymer Feed Systems • Carbon Dioxide, Chlorine or Ammonia Tanks • Sludge Bins • Wastewater Screenings Hoppers • Progressive Cavity Pump Intake Hoppers • Surge Tanks

If you have a difficult level measurement application on a leg or saddle supported vessel, ProCell® Tank Weighing Assemblies are the solution.

ProCells are designed to easily turn a variety of vessels into level monitoring systems. Using ProCell weighing assemblies will result in a non-intrusive, non-contacting and highly reliable method of measuring level. Using weight (or Mass) to monitor inventory eliminates problems associated with conventional level monitoring devices that must be mounted within the tank or hopper itself.

The ProCell Tank Weighing Assemblies are simply installed between the ground and the tank legs or saddles. Because most ProCell models are "self checking" by design, tanks typically do not require any additional restraint or stabilizing hardware. All ProCells are designed to accommodate a vessel's thermal expansion/contraction and uneven mounting surfaces. Some units will even comply with UBC Seismic Zone 4 requirements. 

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